The iTunes Store USA is the worlds largest music and media store. If you don’t have a Credit Card with a billing address in the USA, you can not use the iTunes Store USA, but have to use the severely limited stores in whatever country your Credit Card is issued. Currently, a song from iTunes starts at $0.69. In Europe the same song can costs you $1.99. The same applies to TV series and movies from the US, which often take a very long time before they are available outside the USA, if at all.

iTunes is a free application available for both Mac and PC. It organizes and plays your digital music, videos, and audiobooks on your computer. When you plug in an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV, it will automatically sync all your media. It’s the world's greatest media store right in your computer, where all your favorites can be bought at the click of a button. The iTunes Store USA even offers a selection of free music and video downloads every week.

The iTunes Store Gift Card can be used at the iTunes Store USA for: music, music videos, TV shows, movies, iPhone Apps, iPod games, audiobooks, and much more!

If you are not yet set up for the iTunes Store USA, you need to change your store location. Start the iTunes program and select the iTunes store from the left window pane. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Change Country from the iTunes Settings. If you have an older version of iTunes, you might find this setting in the My Store drop down box. Then choose United States. You are now ready to redeem your code. Go to the iTunes Redeem Code page.


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